Ending the Hiatus

by Shadab

Today marks the end of a 6 month long break I took from all web development related activities. This period was filled with mild success and failures in all aspects of life. Not that I didn’t expect any failure. But the last couple of months have been strange. I’m at a loss of words to describe what exactly went wrong that led to me taking a break from web development, and programming in general. Keep in mind that software development is something I enjoy the most. What I thought would be a week of rest, extended to months. My last SVN commit (DVCS folks, calm down!) was on February 18th.

I failed my friends. I failed my clients. These were people who depended on me for their work. People who trusted me. It’s the second time in past five years that I couldn’t deliver on a project. I’ll try to make amends and see if the trust can be rebuilt. Once broken, it is hard, if not impossible, to build again.

Academics was worse. The second year as an engineering student was not-so-great. I failed in Mathematics (one of my favorite subjects) in third semester. Gave a retest and I’m fairly sure I’ll flunk again. Next, the fourth semester made me realize my heavy dependence on a computer; when the hard drive* crashed and motherboard stopped POST-ing just days before the semester examinations started. The same day my ISP decided to suspend the broadband connection because they thought, wrongly, that I didn’t pay the bill.

Not all went wrong, by the way. The third year is off to a great start! It took some effort to maintain the highest attendance in the class. Quite an achievement considering I had one of the lowest attendance records in the third and fourth semesters. The mid-semester tests were great, as well. Although marks don’t matter much anymore, the 87% I scored in those tests is just something for me to feel good about.

Now was a good time to get back to programming and in the flow.

When the university publicly declared the results for 4th semester exams, yesterday; as usual I scraped the results for each of my classmates and built a DB to analyze and generate useless statistics. Instead of keeping it to myself, this time I decided to put the list online: LNCTS – IT – 4th Semester Result.

* It was a Western Digital hard drive that served me good for 7 years.